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FSF's Christmas 2014 appeal raises nearly £2,000

FSF's third Christmas appeal aimed to help workshops in the tea-plantation districts, up in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. These workshops had been funded by the Norwegian government, but that funding was coming to an end, as Norway moved on to fund other projects.

The plantation workshops cost more to provide than elsewhere £2,000 a year each because of the running costs of the minibus (donated by the Indian government) needed to transport participants from their scattered rural communities. The great poverty experienced by families in the plantation areas makes it even more difficult for them to cope with their disabled youngsters; Sunera is a lifeline for them.

There are five workshops in the plantation districts. Thanks to Rashantha Devanesan€™s jewellery sales in Colombo and London, funding was already available for two in 2015. Sunera hoped to fund one from Sri Lankan sources, and FSF was confident that we would be able to fund a fourth from a grant promised by a trust. We appealed to our supporters to help us make up the shortfall so the future of all five workshops was secured€“ and their generosity yielded £1,925.


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