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Since FSF was founded, we have been able to send over £140,000 to help the work of SF in Sri Lanka


FSF aims to sustain the core of SF’s work, providing the basic, practical help which other funders are often less interested in. To date we have been able to send SF over £140,000 (30 million LK rupees).

Grants have been made for the following purposes:

  • funding for specified workshops
  • training workshop leaders
  • newsletters for the families of workshop participants
  • supporting SF's own drama festival, Samanalayaya
  • salaries of regional development staff
  • salary of head office communications manager
  • portable CD and MP3 players
  • art therapy materials
  • head office equipment including a laptop and a camera
  • speech and language therapy sessions
  • Sunera T-shirts for all workshop participants.

We also sponsored two final-year RADA students to go to Sri Lanka to exchange skills with workshop leaders.

The annual running cost of an SF workshop is £1,700

£20 will pay a week’s workshop staff costs...

£30 will pay the rent for a workshop for 6 months...

£50 will buy a year’s worth of art materials for a workshop...

FSF is confident that the funds we raise go directly to the front-line work of SF. We require and receive regular reports from SF about the progress and outcomes of projects we help to fund. In addition, four of the trustees have visited Sri Lanka on various occasions to observe SF’s work at first hand and report back.

FSF is a small charity, run entirely voluntarily by its five trustees. It has no premises or employed staff.

You can find more pictures of people and workshops supported by FSF on the Gallery pages. 

Below SF trainers at a theatre skills course made possible with FSF support. Centre left in blue is Sunethra Bandaranaike (Chair and Founder of SF, and Hon President of FSF); centre right in blue is Alison Skilbeck (visiting FSF Trustee), helping to train the trainers.

Trainers at a Theatre Skills course


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